an example of book illustration
an example of book illustration

Book illustrations

an example of book illustration
"It is no coincidence that the image of Gogol's significant face in the modern version of "Overcoat", as in the system of curved mirrors, is divided into several images: the Chief, the Investigator, and even the Passer, who turn from a mystical subject into another embodiment of bureaucracy"
an example of book illustration
"The correlation of the prototype (overcoat) and its version (hat) expands the semantic boundaries of the second word"
"And so overcoat, being a ticket, becomes a symbol of another wonderful foreign life"
"Construction of the text ends with transformation of axiomatic phrase about overcoat, that spowned everybody
These illustrations are made for the article which compares three novels. All of them are inspired by N. V. Gogol. The overcoat is the main object in all of them. So comparing novels with each other author places the overcoat into the "tunnel of narration"
It was the main idea of the illustrations to save the conception of this tunnel
in the pictures.
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